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Why would anyone want to be a logger or a forester?  That’s the question being asked of a number of loggers and foresters around Maine as the Maine TREE Foundation and the Maine Forest Products Council put together an eastern version of “This is My Office.”  Originally filmed on the west coast of the U.S., this video will encourage Maine men and women, young and older, to consider a career in our forest that shows the Maine woods and the trees that grow in them.

As everyone knows, forests in different parts of the country and the world are very different, depending on things like soils, weather and temperature to be hospitable to any given species.  As in “The Maine forest is NOT the rain forest.”  The western version of “This is My Forest” is clearly not made in Maine.  For one thing, the scenery is very different as are the trees themselves. Logger Derek Madden Tells Videographer Andy Collar why he Loves his Job

The stars of Maine’s production are the loggers and foresters being interviewed; young, older and in between, male and female, they represent skilled practitioners of these professions.  They are articulate, enthusiastic and passionate about their jobs.  Some of the topics they discuss are: how logging has changed, including new technology and machinery; jobs opening up as Baby Boomers retire; the dramatic improvement in safety; the challenge and fun of working in the woods and being part of an active team; wood is a renewable and environmentally sound material; and forest stewardship is an important element of forest practices.

The video’s primary goal is to make young Mainers aware that logging is a professional occupation that requires skills, training and a strong work ethic and that people who work in the woods love their jobs.  It’s also important to let people know that the forest products business is not only alive, but thriving. 

Maine’s video will be ready for distribution later this summer, but in the meantime, if you would like to see the west coast version, type in This is My Office - The Pacific Forest Foundation.mp4 on your search engine and enjoy.